The Beatles - Let It Be... Naked
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The Beatles - The Beatles One
® & © 2000 Capitol
The Beatles - Past Masters, Vol. 1
® 1990 Capitol © 1988
Although they were probably the band that most transformed rock from a singles medium to an album-oriented form, the Beatles also released many singles and EP tracks that never made it onto albums.
The Beatles - Past Masters, Vol. 2
® 1988 Capitol © 1990
What can you say, really? When you get right down to it, it's the greatest band in the history of pop music, the most influential, the best writers, and whatever other superlatives you can think of.
The Beatles - Let It Be
® 1970 Capitol © 1990
Sloppy in conception, and even sometimes in the playing, Let It Be often gets a bad rap. Unfairly, as it's often as charming, well written, and (oh yeah) rocking as the Beatles' "better" albums.
The Beatles - Abbey Road
® 1969 Capitol © 1990
The Beatles' last days as a band were as productive as any major pop phenomenon that was about to split. After recording the ragged-but-right Let It Be, the group held on for this ambitious effort, an album that was to become their best-selling.
The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album)
® 1968 Capitol © 1990
Better known as the "White Album," this was meant to be the record that brought them back to earth after three years of studio experimentation.
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
® 1968 Capitol © 1990
The most dashed-off of the Beatles' records, Yellow Submarine doesn't have much to it: the goofy title track and "All You Need Is Love" are reprised from earlier discs, George Martin's trifle of a score to the animated Submarine feature takes up the second half, and that leaves just four relatively insubstantial new tracks.
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
® 1967 Capitol © 1990
Before Sgt. Pepper, no one seriously thought of rock music as actual art. That all changed in 1967, though, when John, Paul, George and Ringo (with "A Little Help" from their friend, producer George Martin) created an undeniable work of art which remains, after 30-plus years, one of the most influential albums of all time.
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
® 1967 Capitol © 1990
The album feels even more like a collection of singles (instead of an actual movie soundtrack) than Help! or A Hard Day's Night, but maybe that's because every song sounds like it could have been a hit single--with the natural exception of the goofy/weird instrumental "Flying."
The Beatles - Revolver
® 1966 Capitol © 1990
Revolver wouldn't remain the Beatles' most ambitious LP for long, but many fans--including this one--remember it as their best.
The Beatles - Help!
® 1965 Capitol © 1990
How John Lennon's confessional song became the title for a silly James Bond spoof I really don't know. The funny thing is, it works both ways--as a young man's personal statement about learning to open up to others, and as the frantic theme for an exotic espionage chase comedy starring those lovable mop-tops (this time in color).
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
® 1965 Capitol © 1990
Rank 'em how you like, Rubber Soul is an undeniable pivot point in the Fab Four's varied discography no matter where, or how, you first heard it.
The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
® 1964 Capitol © 1990
Strummmmm! That dramatic guitar chord that kicks of A Hard Day's Night (album, song, movie) still jumps right out at you, slaps you in the face, and jump-starts your heart.
The Beatles - Beatles for Sale
® 1964 Capitol © 1990
Banged out in a hurry for the 1964 Christmas market, Beatles for Sale sometimes sounds it, loaded with ill-conceived covers and some of John Lennon's most self-loathing lyrics.
The Beatles - Please Please Me
® 1963 Capitol © 1990
Their first-ever album, raw and rough and still very rock & roll. Lennon and McCartney begin to flex their writing muscles and had already scored two UK hits when this appeared, but they still relied heavily on the cover material to see them through.
The Beatles - With the Beatles
® 1963 Capitol © 1990
They still had plenty of covers to fill out the running time, but the Lennon-McCartney writing team was gathering steam and beginning to knock out pop classics as if they were pulling them out of thin air. is designed by Muzilab™ Entertainement and the Celebrity Post © 2014

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